The Awakening

Devoted to “The Awakening” – an erotic horror novel series

Glimmer in the Dark is the 1st novel of a series “The Awakening”, starting in late September 2019


Part-1 (about 10,000 words) and Part-2 (about 7,000 words) can be read for free.

Part-3 and later Parts of the web novel will only be available on my Subscribestar account

Introduction to the Story

Shine Malloy is a teenage girl who wants to experience joyful and wonderful mysteries in her life. She wants to live in a world in which superheroes could really exist among us. She’s forgotten that could mean there are supervillains hiding among humanity as well.

The story is set on a world where history went a familiar yet slightly divergent path from ours, an echo of what could have been yet not so different. The names of nations aren’t quite the same, their cultures vary a little bit from what happened in our history. There’s an American Union rather than a US-of-A, and it’s on the verge of collapse from familiar economic and political issues. Red China never fully embraced capitalism and the the Indochina War (Vietnam War) ended in scandals about the lies used to trick Americans and Australians into fighting it. World War Two lasted longer, and the Pacific War started a couple of years later than it did on our world. There are other corporation names that are popularly known, and some of the celebrities you know aren’t famous for the same deeds. 

The novel’s events mostly take place in that world’s version of Australia, in the small city of Tearmann, population roughly a million. Australia in 2027 A.D. in that world’s history encouraged more immigration with corporate sponsorship for workers, resulting in a population of over 40 million. Feminism was beaten in the ideology competition back in the 1970s, by Neo-Humanism which over decades since has dominated government policies and the media. The Neo-Humanists have brought equally as much change as socialism and feminism did in our world, in a different direction and with differing goals.

The story begins several years after a nuclear terrorist attack devastated San Francisco and a few years after the North Atlantic Bloc lost a major war in Central Asia. The future isn’t inspiring of optimism to teenagers like Shine Malloy and her friends. They struggle with the problems of high school cliques, teachers that seem too strict, and parents whose motives can sometimes be unfathomable. To Shine Malloy, not yet sixteen years old at the start of the story, all of those news reports of wars and politics aren’t relevant to her. Likewise, of what importance could a high school girl possibly be to the rest of the world? She’s just a normal girl. She wished that wasn’t true, but that’s what life has given her. Still… she can dream and hope. At least for less disturbing dreams than those which she’s seen lately at night. Dark dreams that wake her up sometimes hot and panting. Frightening dreams. Ominous dreams that confuse Shine about her own sexuality and also fill her with a terrifying sense of looming evil.

Part-1 are Part-2 have been uploaded to my Subscribestar account already

Dedicated to Lovelynice  – wherever she may be.)

The following Author’s note applies to all of my stories:These stories can be sexually explicit, may have violence, horror, and controversial ideas. These stories aren’t suitable for minors. If you can’t accept the concepts in these stories, are offended by them, or lack the mental maturity to be polite in your comments to me about these stories – then stop reading immediately. Nobody is forcing you to read what I write, so if you don’t like the story, go elsewhere. These stories of mine are works of fiction, and all characters are based on ones created in the author’s mind.

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